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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Katmai - Reve D’argent

living in memories. disappearing…

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Friday, April 27, 2012
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katmai- ” The Broken Birdcage “

unexpected love. a sudden change of direction.

I asked katmai if he could give me the story behind this wondrous track. 

Well, here it is…

My sister and our friend Shelby recently rode their bikes from Guatemala to Chicago. In Guatemala they found a place called Maya Pedal where they build bicycle powered machines. They stayed there and worked for awhile. My sister wrote a poem about a girl she fell in love with there. The poem took over me for awhile, and I made part of it into this song.

For me (sorry, I know this is cliche), the song is about those magical feelings of traveling and summer. All my lazy plans only come true between the months of June and August. When you happen to meet those intrepid people, feeling the fresh burn of chilled morning air on slack lungs, just to be in the forest… its wrought like iron with mystery, fun and magic. And in the midst of that, to be in love with someone…

MP3: katmai - The Broken Birdcage

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