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Friday, April 27, 2012
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Possible Shapes- ” Why Have I Become So Blue? “

sad days and nights. bending souls. reaching out to something that i can’t actually touch. stop. breathe. think. happy days and nights. my mind is clear and i feel alive. think again. you are always there to lift me up. i guess friendship really can last forever…

“Why Have I Become So Blue?” is one of the many exclusive gems on the art week 2012 compilation.

The 16-track compilation was released this week on the newly launched record label/music collective, Unlimited Free Milkshakes. Special shout out to the co-founders of UFM, Sam Ray (aka Ricky Eat Acid) and Jasmine Zoo. Thank you for bringing all of these wonderful musicians together.

MP3: Possible Shapes - Why Have I Become So Blue?

Download Here

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