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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ouisa Hound- ” Glist “

Soft sounds creeping at night. Creatures floating in the dark. Rain is falling. 

Hiram, Ohio’s, Ouisa Hound (aka Joseph Randolph), has easily become one of my favorite artists to emerge this year.

He was kind enough to give me some insight on his newest creation…

“Glist” is a song I made just this past week after coming home from school for a short break. I’ve been questioning what I want this project to be a lot lately, so it was nice to finally have a moment to unwind and collect myself. Unlike in the past, I didn’t have any sort of design in mind this time around. I just began searching around for sounds all over the internet, trying to piece some kind of texture together. I ended up finding these really beautiful rainsticks, which I distorted slightly and mimed with some chimes.

I’m sort of sick of the lack of control I have over some the more drone-y sounds I’ve produced, so I knew that this song was going to focus more on dissociating all the elements in the mix instead of letting them bleed together. I thought piano would work well, so I pieced together a melody from some samples and accented it with a few celesta notes. And then the pace and mood of the song started to take hold and I began to work with the percussion. I got stuck for a good deal of time trying to find vocals to work with, but eventually came upon an acapella of Erykah Badu’s “On & On.”

It just synced up so well. I generally don’t like to use identifiable samples, but it’s so hard finding good acapellas from creative commons sites. I came across this one lady’s stuff on ccmixter a while back and thought I had discovered a secret goldmine, and then all of a sudden the verse from “Oh, Why” started playing! I was so surprised! She’s more or less off limits now, considering that she’s already been sampled pretty exhaustively. In the past, I’ve used samples of 15-year-old girls singing their favorite songstresses or whatever on youtube, but I can’t do that anymore and expect to have the sound I want. It’s just too messy. So, I went looking in all kinds of new places. I like what I ended up with, but I’m not sure if it will be too indicative of what’s to come. For me, it’s become a kind of swan song for all the good people that will be leaving my life soon. In that sense I would describe it as a work of parting. One more thing since it’s probably the most peculiar thing about the song—the flute-like melody that starts up after the first refrain of “go on”—that’s an owl.

MP3: Ouisa Hound - Glist

Download Here

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ouisa Hound- ” Gloom Roaming “

broken moments.

Ouisa Hound is a brand new artist making extraordinary sounds from his quiet bedroom in Ohio. He recently posted two stirringly gorgeous tracks that immediately caught my attention. These two songs will be apart of an upcoming full-length album titled The Joy Eclectic, which will be released sometime early next year. 

"Of this music, it is perhaps enough to say this and no more: it was born of a brain pregnant with good and sober sadness. When I listen to these songs I hear something that triumphs over all my bitter lamentations—a certain rapturous exaltation erupting from the dark. I can only hope you hear something tantamount to that same feeling."

Download Here

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