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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

KYNAN- ” He Just Wants To Make Love “

your beauty is bold.

In honor of his 19th birthday, the Absent Fever artist KYNAN has self-released an absolutely stunning 3-song EP called Abel.  

 ” Just To Sing I Love You ” mp3

" Abel " mp3

"I guess I was feeling tired of the shit I usually do. I wanted to focus more on words. So I wrote about what I know…bad relationships, good ones, and getting high."

He just wants to make love and get high
He’s gone and turned a blind eye
She just wants to make love with two other guys
She’s gone and told a little lie

She’s benefitting from his mistakes
So careful that he doesn’t awake
He’s doing everything he can
To convince himself he’s a happy man

Download Here

Highly Recommended. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
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KYNAN- ” I’m So Tired “

wash my fears away.

San Diego’s electronic-pop genius KYNAN (aka Joel Williams) just released his Garbage Beach EP today via Absent Fever. This beautifully recorded track slowly builds it’s way up. Then it hits that climax and the pulsating drums come crashing down, while Joel’s crystal clear, soul-stirring vocals go soaring high beyond the sky’s limits.

"My mind is starving, I must keep it fed…"

Go check out the full visual spectacle via the always incredible Stadiums and Shrines.

Download Here

Monday, May 2, 2011
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KYNAN- ” Forever “


San-Diego native KYNAN returns with his third release via Absent Fever (my digital label co-run with verb/re/verb). It’s an absolutely stunning ten-track album entitled I Will Count The Stars. Listen to this glowing gem ” Forever ” and feel your mind slowly floating away to a dream-like place filled with blissful adventure. 

Once you’re done listening, lay your eyes on the official video  put together by Library Voices.

Download Here


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